Steve Killingback

Steve brings a wealth of experience from a successful career of over 20 years working in the Investment Banking and Financial Services industry in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.  A master in people leadership, development and relationship building, Steve has been recognized for delivering an outstanding level of service to his clients he works with to turn their dreams into reality.

With influences spanning across multiple cultures and geographies, Steve understands that flexibility, sensitivity and determination are key to achieving results and closing the deal. He has many years experience in the art of home buying and selling, having purchased his first home at the age of 23, followed by several others, both in the UK and USA.  

Using his eye for detail and design and combining these with influences gained from extensive global travel, he is adept to transforming a house into a home. He works with buyers to help them spot the potential in a property to make potential improvements, both large and small, not only in value, but also in style, function and livability.

Of Steve’s many passions in life his top three are cooking, design and architecture. Using influences from his native Great Britain, combined with favorite Italian classics, he loves to create an eclectic menu for fun dinner parties for family and friends, with maybe a few leftovers for his puppy Harry. 

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  • 10035 Dale Crest Drive Dallas, TX 75229 - Image
    10035 Dale Crest ... Dallas, TX 75229
  • 8206 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75209 - Image
    8206 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75209
  • 2508 Southwood Drive Dallas, TX 75233 - Image
    2508 Southwood Drive Dallas, TX 75233
  • 5714 Over Downs Drive Dallas, TX 75230 - Image
    5714 Over Downs D... Dallas, TX 75230
  • 4073 Buena Vista Street Dallas, TX 75204 - Image
    4073 Buena Vista ... Dallas, TX 75204
  • 7210 Lehigh Drive Dallas, TX 75214 - Image
    7210 Lehigh Drive Dallas, TX 75214

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